We’re back with a crispy fresh episode of GTP, and today we’re joined by none other than Celtic whistle extrordinarre and Canadian publishing sensation Sebastien De Castell! Sebastien returns to the showgram to catch us up on all things GREATCOATS, including his latest swashbuckling entry in the series SAINT’S BLOOD! We discuss his forthcoming YA fantasy series SPELLSLINGER, and what goes into planning a huge global release. We talk about the importance of an author’s website, how readers can support their favorite authors, Phil’s creepy affections for Brian Staveley, and much, much more! Find Sebastien online at DeCastell.com! Pick up his latest SAINT’S BLOOD on Amazon! Check out Sebastien on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads! #IloveSebastien

Sebastien's first appearance on the show! Part 1 / Part 2


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