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In this episode we take a special look at dark poetry. Host Rob Matheny recently attended the Hippocampus Press Happy Hour, a special event debuting the publisher's newest poetry collections as part of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. During the event Rob had a chance to interview four writers who specialize in dark poetry: Ashley Dioses, K.A. Opperman, Adam Bolivar, and D.L. Myers - also known as The Crimson Circle. Rob also interviewed Obadiah Baird and Dan Sauer of The Audient Void, a small Oregon-based zine featuring the works of The Crimson Circle among others. This episode highlights the growing dark poetry community, including short readings from each poet.

Visit Hippocampus Press to buy the titles mentioned on today's episode!

The Audient Void, A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy

Ashley Dioses - K.A. Opperman - Adam Bolivar - D.L. Myers

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PATERNUS by Dyrk Ashton

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