We break from our usual programming to bring a special presentation: a panel conversation talking about mental health and the arts. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD - for many, maintaining daily optimal mental health can be a struggle. In March of 2016, the SFF community was shocked by the sudden loss of author Logan L. Masterson at his own hand, an act preceded by a final plea on social media. In this panel, we speak frankly about the subject of mental health and its role in the arts community, perceptions and misconceptions, mental illness as its portrayed in media, writing characters dealing with mental illness, and tips for those struggling to cope or who may know someone who is. We’re joined by urban fantasy author Kat Richardson, SFF author Raven Oak, and moderated by author Kristi Charish along with blogger Rob Matheny.  To find out more or to get help,visit projectsemicolong.org, or suicidepreventionlifeline.org.


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